Choosing your color for the Gathering:

Each gathering group consists of 7 individuals, each with the characteristics of their color choice. Before you can reserve a space at the gathering, you must first choose the color that best fits your personality and the overall characteristics of your spiritual being. Ultimately, we consist of all these colors so, you may find it difficult to choose only one color of the seven. You will probably find that you harmonize strongly with several of the colors, but you can only be one color for the gathering. Please read through the color descriptions listed below and make the best choice possible.

While reading through the color descriptions listed below, look at what are called the "traps". The "traps" define how we give our power away to others and sabotage ourselves. These "traps" are not listed to judge you or open old wounds, but rather to help you define your color by revealing your weaknesses, as well as your strengths. Only you know that deepest side of yourself. Look inward, and know that this is about realigning, and healing, for as you are Gathered, you are offered the opportunity to forgive yourself of your own shortcomings. If you have difficulty deciding on a specific color, you may want to ask for help from someone who knows you well.

You may also find it easier to choose your color if you print this webpage and review the color descriptions side-by-side. After you have selected your gathering color, you can proceed to the Event Calendar for information on upcoming gathering events in your area.

Continue below for color choices.........


Reds when in their giftedness tend to be:

Pioneers / In charge Leaders - running the business and are very good at it.? Power. They are Intuitive and like showing the way - take someone to a better place. Preparing the way - take a group in action and are responsible for the result- for reds it is about the group/others not about themselve. Responsible/accountable - they do not blame, but protect the people they lead. They will take the heat, and pay the price if someone has to. Glory is when everyone wins. Physical in nature - they judge by the physical - did it show up, did it happen? If so then it worked - if not then what happened? Don't "Do" they have it done. Teach others to see the truth in themselves. Intuitive by nature. Lead people from the darkness to the light. Physical people, active, in the body. Like movement, exercise and are vibrant. Female in nature, intuition, gift of teaching others to see truth, the faith they call forth in others opens doors to insights, knowing things without being told.

Red when in their traps tend to be:

Speak of themselves as unworthy, listen to lies of others about themselves, believe them, and lose union of their gift and go back to sleep. Silently keeping score on everything and everyone, and wanting to covertly be the winner. See themselves as powerless when they are meant to lead. Will stop moving, shut down, clam up tight, and hold everything in, sometimes imploding for holding in the volcano that they are. For them to awaken they must listen to what God is telling them and know the power they are.


Oranges when in their giftedness tend to be:

People People - enjoying dining, talking, smiling Rah Rah People - let's have a good time! They love to hear laughter. Bringers of Joy. Act as a mother to all. Promoters - go out and get everyone excited about what it is you are doing. Extremely fun people to be around. The Joy of giving is for the happiness of others. They support others, and defend those they love. They tend to have a healthy lifestyle, that is full of life and fun. Emotional, generous and giving. Embrace the duality and can see both sides of everything. Bubbly, exciting, lots of fun - they stand Out in a crowd, lead the way to the party. Great organizers, and enthusiasts. Will raise your standard to greatness. They are gamblers - do well in Real Estate. NO doesn't exist for a promoting Orange. They uplift others, see the blessings and gifts in others. They defend strongly those they love, and support others in their work. These are men and women of divine love. Tender hearted, and feel deeply. Very connected to their emotions. Female in nature, gift of uplifting others, joy of giving of themselves. Very tender souls.

Oranges when in their traps tend to be:

Emotional swings up and down. They love playing and people and fun, and then they think they need to suffer and do penance. Very hard on themselves. Constantly looking for excitement and something to feed their emotions, they are running from their deep overwhelming feelings. Getting caught up in the emotional tides, they become confused. Oranges can destroy a relationship the easiest - and can get mean because their feelings are the most important. Lose themselves by becoming social butterflies getting caught in the attention they get from being around people, and being in the limelight, rather than bringing joy to others. When hurt, they hurt deeply, and for a long time. Freedom - give the gift to themselves and open their hearts to the divine love they hold for others.


Yellow when in their giftedness tend to be:

Male in nature- they come up with the ideas. Seekers of Truth. Great Research and Development people. Take in data and process it. Mental in nature and very good at it. Philosophers - higher mind, natural knowing. Intellectual - develop conscious thought. Seekers of Truth. Holders of great knowledge. Can analyze anything and come up with a better way. They are forgiving - because they can reason it out and understand why you did what you did. They seem not to be emotional. They don't let emotions get in the way of their thinking. Love to bring truth and knowledge to others. Have a strong desire to acquire truth and knowledge, natural life long learners. Love reading books, or listening to how to tapes. These show others the way into unchartered territory, and will make sure truth leads the way.

Yellows when in their traps tend to be:

They lose faith in themselves and become too exacting and too critical (always needing to be absolutely certain) they become internal, losing reason and their gift. They will shift completely into mental gear. They end up not trusting their own truth to the point of believing only what others say, and not their own inner guidance or connection. Think that others are stupid, unable to grasp the simplest concepts, or too self critical, and think themselves stupid. They have forgotten the gift they have and are. They will close themselves off from others. They will be cold and unforgiving. They will absolutely not deal with their feelings. They will stay in their heads to avoid feelings and avoid being hurt. They will lose contact with the real world retreating into their heads and their idealism to avoid feeling-both the good or the bad. Too much emotion can overwhelm them. The way out is to give themselves the gift of natural knowing, connecting to their own consciousness and reason.


Greens when in their giftedness tend to be:

Healers - physical and spiritual. Male in nature, healer work consumes them and is nourishment for them. They make that which is bent straight, fixing what is broken. Accountants, health care people, mechanics, repairmen. Mending work consumes them and is nourishment for them. They are the most balanced of the colors, things are or they are not. Very loyal and compassionate. Dependable, punctual and creative. Willingness to give of themselves to others. They teach awareness and divine wisdom. They bring Enlightenment and insight. Their knowledge is mystical and can heal both the physical and the mystical. They are at peace in the spiritual sense and are in touch with their 5 senses. Through this they bring the healing of all - powerful church. They know what is best and how to do it. They are kind and generous and have a deep feeling for others. They want everything to run smoothly and do their best to see that it does. They offer themselves to the greater good of everyone. Very heart centered, and best when they allow themselves to stay there.

Greens when in their traps tend to be:

Self absorbed and not alot of fun to be with - they want it all their way. They can become cold and calculating with the ends justifying the means. It becomes the process that matters not the person. May even break it so they can fix it. The sad part is that they know when they're in their traps but won't do anything about it. They tend to get on your nerves when they won't help themselves the way they will help others. Because their gift is so noticeable, they can get caught up in the attention and come off as walking ego sometimes, though they are very soft centered. They have a large ego. Seek authority or want credit for the work they do, and believe they aren't getting enough attention. Freedom is to give out of nothing save for the love of God. The power comes from God. This is their gift and they must give it to themselves.


Blues in their giftedness tend to be:

Teachers of Wisdom. They love to teach people about themselves. They let in the light of knowledge. They have this loftiness. They bring you knowledge. Impersonal love - one of giving. They are one with Christ Consciousness. They are perfectly balanced in male/female. The most balanced in body, emotions, mind and spirit. They bring out the best in people. They care that you become the best 'you' that you can be - relentless about it. Are the holders of the 4 fold way and teach balance so wisdom can dwell within. Love all equally. Feel comfortable with androgeny.

Blues when in their traps tend to be:

"Drama Queens". They become unbalanced, unapproachable, haughty. They may show up as pompous and self-centered. They 'know it all', and look down on others. A bit arrogant. Tend to get out of balance by not paying attention to one or more of the 4 fold ways. (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). When balance is gone, they stop teaching, stop giving to themselves or others. They go silent. Escape lies in the gift of wisdom and love given back to themselves.


Purples in their giftedness tend to be:

Creative bridge building people. Teach with soft and gentle words. In advertising. Artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors, poets, dancers. Priests or spiritual teachers in the art of creation. Ministers of divine love expressed through that which they create - love, science, music art. Contemplation and sincerity bring forth justice in the work they do. Their creativity is a gift to the world. When they get it - it is the gifts they share with the world that matters. Good listeners with no judgement in what they hear. Give love to those in turmoil. Usually are centered in more than one art form, creating things of beauty with the hands and heart. Typically have an interest in the sciences to balance off their creative side. Male in nature, love with no judgement, a desire to help, master of song and dance, creating with its hands things of beauty.

Purple when in their traps tend to be:

Become obsessed with materialism, can be about the project instead of themselves, but they must have the best of everything they won't "make do". All for personal glory, personal riches, money and fame. They become full of themselves and their self importance. Lose the ability to create. Creation becomes a gift they've sold and it becomes evident in their work. Their creativity stops being original, and in their fear they lose trust in themselves. To heal, they must come back to trusting their connection for their inspiration.


Violets in their giftedness tend to be:

Female in nature, natural sense of nurturing, solves conflicts with compassion, tolerance is the teaching, merciful, tender and compassionate. The church of saints - Mother Theresa was undoubtedly a violet. Martyrs. In service - answering the phone. Waitresses, butlers, stewards, volunteers, nurses, human resources, childcare. Most compassionate, tolerant and tender showing mercy. Make sure you have everything you need for what you are doing. Unconditional love to all. Truly bringers of light and divine love givers. Joyful ones and in spirit are confident and faithful. Bring about completion. Manifest things from the spiritual to the physical. Kind, gentle and soft spoken, their touch is that of a caress soothing the soul. Have a spiritual connection with God beyond understanding. They just know everything is going to be okay. When in service nothing gets in their way, like a mother tiger protecting her young. Territorial, will stand up for you as your personal champion, know you are perfect and hold you as that. Helpers…they have a natural sense of nurturing. Care about others as they would their own children. They solve conflicts understanding both sides, and teach tolerance.

Violets when in their traps tend to be:

A pain, don't see the greatness they are - can whine with the best of them. Can't give them enough support, encouragement or praise. They don't get how wonderful they really are. Doing out of a need to be acknowledged, praised, rewarded rather than from a place of love. Become too helpful to the point they forget about themselves. When they do this they then are unworthy, and do not teach. They become silent fence sitters finding no riches in what they do. Do not teach out of fear of hurting others. Think they are unworthy, become silent and inactive, poor in spirit, forget God's love. To free themselves give to themselves the gift they have been given, mercy and compassion.