What is Spiritual DNA?

Here is an explanation of the 12 spiritual Helix's or DNA strands. These quotes are not my words and unfortunately, the authors are unknown, but I could not have said it any better. This may seem a little too scientific and even complicated so, please bear with me. It is very interesting that the first quote references the 2 triangles overlayed in oposite directions, just as provided by the angel Michael to Joe Crane as part of the Gathering. Even more interesting is that I researched and found these DNA quotes back in 2005, well before I ever heard about the Gathering or Joe Crane... Hmmm

Quote #1: "According to spiritual theory of genes there may be 12 to 16 strands of spiritual DNA. The 12 strands may be both genetic and spiritual strands associated with the number 6 which occurs in nature as an ideal number. There are 3 corners on a triangle or tetrahedral pyramid and two triangles or tetrahedral pyramids in opposite directions make 6 corners. With each of the 6 corners there are then associated two strands of DNA which makes 12. In a true quadrahedron triangle there are 4 corners which makes 8 corners for two quadrahedron triangles and 16 DNA strands. The DNA strands may also be associated with a sphere, whereby there are 12 strands symmetrically located in a circle in the center of the sphere, and all of the DNA strands are connected by sphere energy grid lines much like in the world grid or gravity energy grid. It is said in myths that human beings once had 12 strands of DNA hundreds of thousands of years ago, and that the DNA was lost due to genetic experimentation or due to changes in the environment and body. Often the 12 strands of DNA are more associated with higher beings, higher dimensions, and the spirit." by Unknown Author

Quote #2: "The human body has trillions of cells. Each cell has a nucleus(23 chromosomes(Coiled threads of DNA Helix molecules+Protein molecules). Each DNA has a set of nucleotides(Phosphate, Sugar(deoxyribose), Base(gaunine, cytosine), Nitrogen(Thymine, Ardenine).). Each DNA is a double stranded helix where the strands are linked by hydrogen bonds (Base Pairs) between guamine & cytosine, thymine & adenine.) There are 3 billion base pairs in the human genome. Typically each human being has 100,000 genes. A gene has about one thousand to several million base pairs. DNA(Instructions) >RNA(Messenger) >Protein(Synthesis - 3000 gene base pairs may contain 1000 amino acids). For every gene set there may be a meme set. Where a meme is a set of semiotic signs, symbols, meanings, beliefs, instincts, cultural patterns, spiritual patterns, archetypes. In spiritual terms, there are postulated, 12 strands of DNA, which extend into the other 12 dimensions of the reality." by Unknown Author

Basically, one theory is that we, humans, at some point in our distant past had all 12 Helix's connected. This would have been the time when we were in our closest form of genetic perfection. This probably gave us spiritual abilities including: telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, connection to higher planes of consciousness, and a life span of around 700 years. The theory continues that we were happily living life on Earth without outside interference, however, that was not to last.

At some point, our DNA was altered to disconnect our higher spiritual abilities. The theory continues that our Helix's have been attempting to repair themselves naturally and return our DNA to its original state. This natural process of genetic repair has been ongoing for thousands of years, but is now accelerating due to a number of events occuring on the spiritual and planetary plains.