What is a Gathering?

A Gathering is a powerful, empowering, uplifting, spiritual, quantum event that can only take place with seven individuals who come together to form a soul group, each holding a different energetic or "color" frequency. Each person represents one of the seven colors of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or violet with each color representing unique physical, emotional and spiritual character traits.

The seven individuals forming the soul group are situated in the sacred geometrical pattern (infinity sign) that is called the "Well of Souls". This geometric pattern will help and support each person in the group to have a special covenant with God and the angels. The geometric pattern and the ceremony that surrounds the Gathering have been provided to draw in the highest level of angelic assistance. The Gathering process, the colors and geometric pattern have been brought forth through Joe Crane with assistance from an angel called Michael. The Gathering adheres to no denomination or specific religious believe system except for the simple belief in Angels.

One purpose of the Gathering is to assist each individual in reconnecting their spiritual DNA. When we were born, we came into this world with 12 strands of spiritual DNA. These strands of spiritual DNA are different and separate from your physical DNA. They are invisible and they are your life connection with God. The Gathering provides the opportunity to realign your spiritual DNA with the essence of God and reconnect your spiritual DNA with your physical DNA. The more that a person works within their gifts (being the true balanced person that you can be), the more spiritual DNA strands that can be connected. Some people find that the Gathering boosts or activates their spiritual abilities.

Each of the seven individuals in the group will take their turn in the center of the "Well of Souls" pattern and will have their own unique experience. To some, this Gathering process can take on the form of an assisted meditation and for others it may become even more. The experience of the Gathering is so unique to each individual being gathered that it best only to say that you will experience something.

The 8th individual is someone who has already been gathered, and is assisting the other seven as a helper. The helpers will instruct and assist the other seven individuals on the Gathering process. There will be 2 blessings that will be given by the angels on the day of the Gathering. The process will continue until everyone in the group has been in the center of the "Well of Souls". This event is completed in a 2 or 3 day period. This Gathering will usually start on a Friday evening and end on Sunday morning.

In the first part of the Gathering, the seven individuals will be situated in the sacred geometrical pattern known as the "Gate of Grace". In 1988, the angel Michael told Joe: "It is time for you to have set God's Gate throughout the land. This will make way for the sevens. You were given a way of setting stones that a "Gate of Grace" may be opened for healing and understanding. God's Gate, which you call the stone matrix, is to be set across the land. As you set up more Gates, there will be a shift on a greater scale with the whole field."

The "Gate of Grace" is a benevolent tool given to us by the angelic realm. Holographically, it looks like two, four- sided pyramids intersecting. One points up, the other points down. As they spin in opposite directions, the pyramids intersect with each other and begin to create a geodesic ball within. As the facets smooth out, it forms a Sphere of Grace in the center. The ball of grace then folds in and up in the middle creating a tube torus; through which the breath of God flows.

This tool was given for angelic communication and/or healing. It creates a clean spiritual space, much like an operating room. It is an excellent space for meditating or healing sessions. Nothing negative can be in this space nor can it be used for anything negative. If someone does it will shut down immediately and then start up again. There is no prayer or anything special to be done to have this gate start up. The gate is opened by placing eight stones in the geometric pattern and the seven being gathered and the 8th helper positioning themselves in their specific location related to the stones.


My Experience at the Gathering

Some of you may know me (Ivan Stein) and, therefore, come to know some of my more extraordinary spiritual experiences. When I first heard of the Gathering, all I knew was that a man from Texas called Joe Crane had been communing with an energetic being he called Michael since 1994, and the Gathering was something he had been instructed to do, and offer out to others.

I had no expectations about the Gathering, but thought it would be nice to participate in an event where everyone attending was interested in spiritual and personal growth. That in itself made the Gathering sound like it would be an enjoyable and profound experience. When I went through the gathering colors, I found that I harmonized with four of the colors, but felt that the color RED fit better than the others.

The Gathering experience became one more extraordinary spiritual experience to add to the others. It touched me so deeply that I was inspired to register the domain name AngelGathering.com, create this website, and promote more Gathering events. When you go through the color selection, you may realize, as a RED, why I have been compelled to do this.

My Gathering occurred on December 9, 2006 in Midway, Utah and was hosted by a beautiful spirit calling herself Sonja Knight. I was gathered as part of two groups of seven and I was prepared to be among people that I had never met before. The participants came from all areas of Utah. I would never have imagined that I had met any of these other 13 people. As it turned out, I knew the RED person from the other Gathering group. This was a person that I had met once a few years ago during a spiritual conversation and we had lost contact. The fact that I knew another person at the Gathering was a surprise, and the fact that we were both the RED members was also amazing.

The Gathering host and helpers made the Gathering event feel like a dream. Basically, for a two day period, all you have to do is get up, walk, talk, eat and sleep. They made it so comfortable and pleasant that I didn't want to return to the working world. I wanted to stay in that space of communing with spiritual and like-minded individuals, giving each other hugs and blessings and the greatest respect that I have ever experienced.

My Gathering experience was much more than taking my turn in the center of the geometric pattern and what came through was more than I could have ever imagined. I know that I am very visual and through my meditations, I have learned how to be open to visual information and understand the meaning of what I am shown. As much as I aspire to be and live a spiritual life, I am aware of some of my spiritual gifts. The Gathering brought others to a greater understanding.

The entire Gathering process became a vision quest. I saw guides and angels helping us and witnessed events of a spiritual, physical and healing nature. The energy vibration and information was beyond anything I could have anticipated. Because everyone's experience is unique and personal, I won't go into details about my experience, but I will say that for many this was a truly spectacular spiritual event. I believe that if you choose to attend a Gathering, you will receive something that will shift you.

The people involved in these gathering events are special and giving. The gateways, once opened, remain open, and they join to create an energetic web that helps to shift the collective consciousness of our area, and humanity, to the light. Once you have been gathered, you will be able to participate again at a different level by either hosting your own gathering, or assisting at another as one who is there in service to those to be gathered next. This is about holding and building community in the ways we have all been talking about. Join in! Upcoming Gathering events are listed here if you wish to participate. More will be posted as they come up.

Bless Your Heart, Ivan Stein

P.S. I would like to give a special acknowledgement to Joy Del Giudice MH, CHT for providing a good portion of the Gathering material contained in this website.

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